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a trans woman friend of mine is currently being sectioned, and they won't let her shave because of a "blanket ban" on razors, even if she's supervised by a staff member. The staff know she's trans, but the other patients don't and it's highly likely them finding out will make her mental health/situation a lot worse.

Any legislation/NHS regs that would be useful to throw at the staff to get them to make an exception?
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I don't know about the legislation/rules things, but could she use an electric razor? They don't have blades you can cut people with.
My understanding is that they cannot do anything that will cause a patient's condition to deteriorate, but I don't work in mental health so I'm not sure which rules to quote.

I do know that it is illegal in the UK to knowingly 'out' someone to strangers against their wishes or without permission, so in that regards, they could well be breaking the law. I would go at them on that front, and take it up with the managers and their legal department if the staff are unwilling to co-operate.
I'm not familiar with anything relevant, unfortunately :-( Is hair-removal cream of some description a possible work-around?
My comment was marked as spam (because I linked to resources? lolwut? Mod?). So instead - google press for change and go to 'contact us' for the legal advice helpline number, they should pick up today if the helpline is still running. Or you could try the mind uk legal advice line. Hope that your friend gets the support that she needs in exercising her rights.