Alex (kaberett) wrote in tguk,

Temporary change of PCT


I've got a friend who'll be changing PCT temporarily - they're hoping to take a break from their studies, so will be moving back in with their parents for ~6 months, in a different area of the country (hence a different PCT).

They've had their first couple of appointments at CHX and have been prescribed testosterone (via some shenanigans with GPs...). They're really, really anxious not to have to start this whole process over again twice in six months - unfortunately I've not actually got as far as a GIC yet so don't have any information for them on changing catchment area, but we'd really love some advice on the best way to handle this, if you know?

(We're currently thinking "just don't tell anyone they've moved" - their university address will continue functioning as a forwarding address for the duration. But obviously if there's a more above-board way of doing this, that would be preferable...)

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