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UK Transgender Community
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19th-Apr-2011 08:50 pm - My new FTM YOUTUBE Channel!

im ryan, and im ftm! yah

i just wanted to post about my new youtube channel, where im trying to set up a place for people to talk about ftm everyday issues. Ive set up a few videos already and am open to ideas to make new videos. one of the more important reasons for doing this was because i felt that the lgbt community has a way of excluding queer people of color, and being hispanic myself, i identify with this feeling. i havent seen much out there based on these issues and thought maybe this could be a place for some of that to be spoken about.

well heres the channel check it out!

I have received the following press release from West London Mental Health Trust (Charing Cross GIC) concerning their participation in the controversial Royal College of Psychiatrists' event which is expected to be the focus of trans community protests next month:

19 April 2011

The team at the WLMHT Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) at Charing Cross Hospital notes the apparent shift of emphasis in the Royal College of Psychiatrists Gay & Lesbian Special Interest Group conference, ‘Transgender: Time To Change’ on May 20th and feels compelled to withdraw on this basis.

When we were originally asked to take part, GIC clinicians understood that our role was to outline the work we do within our own service and explain the very considerable evidence base which underpins it. We are very happy to do this and our more than 55 years of experience as the country’s leading NHS provider gives us a rich and robust data set from which to draw observations.

It now appears that the conference comes at trans issues from a very specific agenda, namely, to explore the validity or otherwise of gender diagnoses as medical and psychiatric phenomena. We regret this, and so long as this is the case, we feel we can’t support it.

Although we were somewhat wary of engaging in what is essentially a clinical discussion with a predominantly non-trans panel, which, moreover, features a non-clinician whose personal opinion is already well known, we agreed to do so in order that discussion might focus on evidence rather than anecdote.

The Royal College should be aware that there is a great deal of disquiet around this event within the trans community. Interested parties should also note that the discussion as it now stands will be one-sided at best.
I just realised this doesn't seem to have been posted here.

'The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Gay and Lesbian Special Interest Group (an organisation clearly well-qualified to meddle in trans affairs) are planning a delightful meeting in London next month.

Described as an “extremely stimulating meeting exploring the most recent academic, clinical and contemporary thinking on transgender issues, for all people interested in this field,Transgender: Time to Change will include contributions from a number of disturbingly transphobic speakers.'
Full article: here

a novel by Elliott DeLine

Ebook Price: £1.68 ($2.75 US dollars.)

Paperback: £5.97 ($(9.75 US dollars.)

"All writers are born in the wrong body, but it happens to be the reader’s good fortune that Elliott DeLine was literally born in the wrong body – even if he would never use a tacky tranny cliché like that...Funny, cynical, tough, vulnerable, honest, deluded, sagacious, self-loving and self-loathing, Refuse is irresistible." -Mark Simpson, author of Saint Morrissey


(Once again, my apologies if off topic... downside of being an indie fiction writer. The aforementioned Mark Simpson is one of your own though, and I am a transgender visitor of the UK, but not a citizen.)

4th-Apr-2011 10:47 pm - FTM Top surgery in Southampton
I'm just been given the go ahead to apply for funding for top surgery on the nhs, and I'm looking into surgeons. I live in Southampton, Hampshire, and I'd like to avoid london as much as possible. I've heard there's a surgeon who does it in Southampton at the Princess Anne hospital, but I can't seem to track down any details.

If anyone has any information I'd most appreciate it, especially if anyone has personal experience with the surgeon in question.

Crossposted to FTM.
30th-Mar-2011 11:00 am - New YouTube Channel

I hope that this is okay to post here (cross-posting all over the place.)

I've been vlogging about my transition for a long time now, with over 90 videos to my channel, and I've been running a small community online for transmen since 2005, but what I've really wanted to do is create a YouTube channel with videos centering around various specific subjects to do with transgender life, from the experience and information that I have picked up over the years.

So, now I have! It's called Transtastic101, and it's a channel for guidance, advice and general information. I would love your support, subscriptions and comments to help build the channel.
I think that the best way for it to grow and be helpful is if people tell me where I can improve, what I should make videos about, etc.
I hope to help and inform with a good sense of humour and an optimism that took me years to obtain.

You can find the channel here:

Along with an introduction video here:

And finally, the first official video which is on the subject of packing:
(With bloopers soon to follow!)

Thank you very much!
15th-Mar-2011 10:03 pm - Sensitive access records?

I'm in the process of changing my name, and am requesting a title change at the same time, kind of... I'm requesting that a title not be used as I don't identify as a Mr or Ms. A couple of people have mentioned something about a sensitive access type restriction on tax records for people who are transgendered and it seems that the tax office just do this automatically when someone sounds a bit trans. I'd rather avoid that, and having to wait any longer on hold when I call them. If any other government organisations do this I'd rather avoid that too, I have no idea if they do or not...

Does anyone know much about how this all works? I was planning on simply including in the letter sent out with my deed that I do not wish my records to be restricted this way but I don't even know what the restriction is called (I guess 'cause it's restricted...).
September 2010
For those wondering, the UK Census Customer Services are advising trans people asking questions regarding the 'What is your sex?' question to answer with the gender you identify as, whichever fits your identity best. The question is asking about the gender role you live in, not your 'biological sex', it's also nothing to do with having a Gender Recognition Certificate, trans people who don't have one have been advised to answer how they identify, not what their birth certificate reads.

Those of us who have genderqueer or non-binary identities don't have such easy answers, we've been advised that we can tick neither or both and won't be fined (although we may be contacted to confirm that this is the most accurate way to record our gender given the options provided), but it's questionable whether our answers will be reflected in the statistics in any way. I've written to the UK Census Customer Services on this matter and have summarised what I've been told in the following article:


I hope someone finds this research of use!
14th-Jan-2011 05:07 pm - news story
This story is scary - this obviously transgendered person (imo)  is being charged with 'obtaining sexual contact by fraud'. 


I can't understand how the charges can stand, or even really what they are - at first I thought it might be sex with an object - but this article makes it out to be the whole non-disclosure. Is this a precedent?
27th-Nov-2010 10:49 am - Packing
Months ago I was looking around online for a new cock for bed and I saw soft packers for sale as well. I didn't look too closely at the time because I wasn't looking for a soft packer. More recently though I've started to want one. And can't find any online. Am I looking in the wrong places? I don't want to have to ship from overseas if I don't have to. I know I could make one with condoms and gel but I would rather not.

25th-Nov-2010 09:54 pm - CRB check
Has anyone else had to do a CRB check after changing their name? I've been sort of helping out at our local Sure Start for a while, but they decided I needed to register formally as a volunteer and go through all the checks just to be safe.

I filled in the form with my old and new names like it asked, and took it in today. Even though I look like a woman and everyone knows I've given birth, the woman in the office didn't bat an eyelid over my name, she just checked everything over and said, "Thanks Nick," which was nice. My only worry is that the name change will make them reroute it through some special department the way the DWP and HMRC like to do and it will take three times as long as everyone else's. What's been other people's experience?
17th-Nov-2010 12:58 pm - Miles Berry
I was meant to have top surgery with Dia Davies but he won't be operating for a while due to personal problems. I've been offered surgery with Miles Berry instead.

Anyone know anything about him? All I can figure is he has been around Davies a lot. I'm not convinced he's ever done top surgery on his own before. I can't find any pictures of his work although they are sending me his CV and any pictures they can find. I need to decide very soon so anything at all would be appreciated
10th-Nov-2010 11:33 pm - Charing Cross Myths
The following document has come to my attention. It is something that has been produced by clinicians at the West London Mental Health Trust (i.e. Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic), I guess as part of a patient/community relations exercise, and aims to detail some commonly held beliefs about the clinic and contrast them with their view. I am told that all the clinicians have signed up to it. Here's the document - feel free to pass it around, and I hope it proves helpful!

The WLMHT (“Charing Cross”) Gender Identity Clinic has existed in one form or another since the early 1960s, and clinical practice is constantly evolving. It is perhaps inevitable that, in that time, a number of false beliefs and misconceptions have arisen.

Not all these beliefs are “myths” in the sense of having always been untrue – some stem from the way the GIC operated in the past, or the approaches of previous clinicians – but all are outdated, and unreflective of current treatment protocol.

The following, then, are examples of commonly held beliefs about the WLMHT GIC which are untrue:

You have to wear a skirt to the GIC
Perhaps the most widely cited misconception, this is not the case. As part of the Real Life Experience (RLE), male-to-female transitioners are expected to present themselves in female role 100% of the time, and sometimes it is relevant to discuss this in clinic appointments. However, the range of feminine apparel is, obviously, wide and varied, and cannot simply be reduced to “wear a skirt”.

A less common variant holds that female-to-male transitioners must wear a suit and tie to be taken seriously at the GIC. This too is without basis.

You have to be living "in role"
Not the case. We see people who experience gender related distress; some are pre- transition, some do not undergo transition at all. All are valid referrals to our service.

You have to want surgery
Not at all. Not everyone needs or wants gender related surgery.

You have to be suicidal
On the contrary, it is important that those undergoing transition be stable, physically and psychologically. It is not unusual for us to see people who have, as a result of their gender distress, been depressed – sometimes to the point of suicidality – but we would hope that, as transition progresses, this gradually improves.

You have to be heterosexual
We have heard health professionals say this of the clinic, but it is patently ridiculous. It would be grossly unethical of us to insist on heterosexuality in our patients.

You can't admit to doubt
Transition is, for many, a major life change and it would be unusual to have no doubts whatsoever. You should feel comfortable discussing feelings of doubt with your clinicians.

You have to give a standard trans narrative
As the UK’ s largest gender clinic, we see a huge diversity of people, and neither wish nor expect you to tailor your own experiences to a set of clichés. Just be honest.

The GIC will start you at the beginning again
This was our practice in decades past. In the last decade or so, it has been standard practice to acknowledge previous time spent in the preferred gender role. Typically, we “back date” the start of transition to the start of living in role full time as well as making an official name change or equivalent.

The GIC will stop your hormones
No. Our concern is that you take hormones safely. We routinely carry out blood tests at the first appointment, and may advise accordingly, but we generally do not ask people to stop hormones on which they are established.

The GIC will penalise you for having gone private/self-medicated
Obviously, we cannot approve of self-medication as it can be dangerous and often leads to a poorer result than that gained under medical supervision. However, we recognise that it is a modern reality, though, and do not penalise you for it. The same is true of previous contact with private practitioners.

It will take forever
Within the limits of available NHS resources, we aim to provide a timely and efficient service.

They deliberately play Good Cop/Bad Cop
Different clinicians have different approaches, and will form different therapeutic relationships with their patients. Choice of clinician is determined by availability of appointment slots, not by any sort of organised Good/Bad Clinician policy.

November 2010
28th-Sep-2010 05:45 pm - Visa forms
boy eats apple
Hey guys,

Quick question about disclosure on visa forms...

I'm travelling to india next month, the visa application asks for previous names... I have changed my name / gender and informed passport people etc ages ago... and I think that info is confidential, but I want to double check with you... Is it safe to leave this blank or will it trigger something when they check up on me?

I appreciate any comments on this especially if you have been through this process yourself!

Thanks in advance
2nd-Sep-2010 01:03 pm - Private prescriptions
For those of us on private prescriptions for hormones (or anything else)  I just wanted to share some easily missed news that last month Superdrug announced it will be charging trade prices on private prescriptions. 

I just got quoted one box of Testogel at £32; versus supermarket prices at £45-£50 and local chemists/ Dr Curtis at £50 - £55.
31st-Aug-2010 05:00 pm - documents Q.

Hi all,

Has anyone ever left the previous names question blank on a CRB form? If so I wondered what the repercussions are/were or would be, (if any?). For what it's worth I changed my name 2 years ago.
If this makes any difference. I haven't my Gender Recognition Certificate yet but will be applying for it at the end of this month.
I've heard (perhaps wrongly) that once you have your G.R.C you have to inform your employer/boss, does anyone know if that is correct? I cannot help but feel if that is the case then to some degree it defeats the point of even having one?

Any enlightenment would be well received,




I and others suffered verbal and physical attacks using homophobic and transhphobic abuse. After ringing 999 the police have responded by giving us an apointment in 2 days time to take statements, because all their other assets are tied up for the next 48 hours.

Its good to see that transphobic and homphobic violence are so high on police priorities.
19th-Aug-2010 07:52 pm(no subject)
I need to write some very short pointers on how to deal with transphobia in a university setting. I'm finding it hard to keep it short. Current version is below and it can't be much longer then that (ideally shorter).

Unfortunately there is still a lot of transphobia and transphobic violence around so do think carefully about how out you want to be about being trans. It's entirely your right to tell as few or as many people about being trans as you want - no-one has the right to know anything about it and it's illegal for people to pass on this information without your consent. If you are out and proud expect a lot of harassing questions about details of your identity and your body, and remember you have every right not to answer. If you do experience any transphobic incidents then report them to the police as detailed above, you may wish to bring a friend along if going in person. As with all trans issues the trans reps (on lbgt-trans@cusu.cam.ac.uk) are here to help and support you and you can also find a lot of support and information online.
18th-Aug-2010 07:14 pm - Product search
Hi - got a question for the lads.

Does anyone know of a UK based store that sells packing socks

I really don't want to have to buy from America (I'm bloody impatient) and don't know where/how to search for what I want (other than the general 'packing sock, uk'). Europe would be okay too, but UK would be best.

Thank you!
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