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UK Transgender Community
23rd-Mar-2015 10:14 pm - Trans guys in Cambridge

I moved to Cambridge a few months ago, and am looking for other trans guys in the city who'd like to meet up.

I'm a friendly guy and would really like to get to know other people like me.
23rd-Mar-2014 10:29 am - Three Months On
The shit just got deeper.

It is very difficult to write about it without saying anything.  I found myself out of my depth in my job, cried out in all directions for help, didn't get it and then found myself, well, here...
I had a meeting with two people: one representing me, the other investigating me.  The outcome of those three and a half hours continues to dog me.  Minute by minute, hour by hour, my belief in my own abilities and my interpretation of the events that had led to this conversation trickled away.  I walked out of the meeting feeling a little shaky but still upbeat (I am incurably optimistic). Everything would work out for the best.

When I transitioned, I achieved something that I would never have believed I could have had: my self.  When I dismantled myself, I had to accept that a part of me would be missing.  That's where my new career came in: finding fulfilment in my work.  And for a year I found utter joy in it.  This year has been hell. Utterly awful.  When the shitstorm broke, all I could think was "Thank goodness the pain has stopped."

I no longer believe in myself as the professional I thought I had become.  I continue to smile, to keep busy, to pursue other opportunities, to talk to friends. But I cannot face stillness, the peace I used to experience in yoga sessions or my Quaker meetings: when I stop moving and smiling and doing, the awful self-doubt settles on me like a suffocating hood.  Zopiclone occasionally helps me to sleep, diazepam to function: I eke out a small supply and they serve as comfort blanket, to be used in the direst circumstances.

This sunny morning, as Spring (my favourite season) gets under way, I am in despair.  But I will get up, smile and busy myself.
22nd-Nov-2013 12:18 pm - NHS England feedback opportunity
*** Tuesday 26 November, 8 pm ***

NHS England want to have a 'Twitter conversation' with trans* people to find out how to improve their appallingly bad services. I'm posting this here, because I don't want this opportunity to speak up to be restricted only to people currently on Twitter. It's worth opening a Twitter account for this alone, even if you never use it again.

14th-Mar-2013 11:45 pm - Temporary change of PCT
swiss army gender

I've got a friend who'll be changing PCT temporarily - they're hoping to take a break from their studies, so will be moving back in with their parents for ~6 months, in a different area of the country (hence a different PCT).

They've had their first couple of appointments at CHX and have been prescribed testosterone (via some shenanigans with GPs...). They're really, really anxious not to have to start this whole process over again twice in six months - unfortunately I've not actually got as far as a GIC yet so don't have any information for them on changing catchment area, but we'd really love some advice on the best way to handle this, if you know?

(We're currently thinking "just don't tell anyone they've moved" - their university address will continue functioning as a forwarding address for the duration. But obviously if there's a more above-board way of doing this, that would be preferable...)

2nd-Mar-2013 05:20 pm - Trans* Talk- New Forum

Hi there. Just wanted to tell you guys about a new forum called Trans Talk
Trans* Talk is a forum that lets people talk about trans* life/things/stuff/thought/etc, with other trans* people/allies/SOs/etc. It is also a place for allies and SOs to get information or advice and such.

Here are just some of the benefits of Trans* Talk

  • Talk to other trans* people!

  • Post about transition gear(including sales and give aways).

  • Post resources.

  • Learn and share information

  • Inclusive of all aspects of the trans* community

  • Great resource for SOFFA

  • Live chat! Talk to people now!

  • And much much more!

Sign up here!

24th-Feb-2013 12:11 am - Nebido Cycle
I got my second shot of nebido last week. I got it on Thursday and by Sunday night I felt off. I got really, really pissed off over something fairly tedious- I don't have a temper normally. I had to stop watching a somewhat sad documentary because I had tears running down my face- I almost never cry normally. All week I've not got to sleep before 3am, got up for work at 8am but not felt tired- I usually would feel like crap after one bad night and crash early the next. When I wake up my pits smell-they never did before.

Basically my hormones are pretty obviously out of whack in a way that feels all over the place more than strictly too high or too low T. I felt fine just before my shot, not like my levels were anything but where they should be and mid cycle bloods were fine. The worst of it (the emotional stuff) was gone mid-week so I think I am leveling out. I didn't have any of those problems with the first shot.

Normally I'd just go see my GP but with switching I've been taking more time off work to go to the doctors. Also my GP is helpful but clueless. She usually writes to the specialist to check before she does anything but the specialist is better at yes/no questions than giving out useful information. So I like to go to her with a suggestion of what needs changed because it makes the whole thing go quicker.

First I thought I'd check if that is normal on nebido? I guess it could beone of those things when taking a larger dose that you can get a 'rush' while things level out. If that's not normal, dose switching to 14 weekly instead of 12 sound like a good suggestion?

x-posting to FtM so sorry if you see it twice
19th-Feb-2013 02:13 pm - Sectioned
a trans woman friend of mine is currently being sectioned, and they won't let her shave because of a "blanket ban" on razors, even if she's supervised by a staff member. The staff know she's trans, but the other patients don't and it's highly likely them finding out will make her mental health/situation a lot worse.

Any legislation/NHS regs that would be useful to throw at the staff to get them to make an exception?
Door sign
On Friday 9th I had top surgery - double-incision. Seemed to go well, out of hospital next day and recovering at home. I'm taking the painkillers I was given and avoiding heavy lifting, am mostly just in discomfort from the surgical binder.

But... I'm paranoid. I'm not great with medical stuff which doesn't help, but I keep being convinced the tenderness in my sides is something Gone Horribly Wrong instead of just "I had major surgery and I'm wearing a tight surgical binder which is squashing my ribs".

The surgeon said not to touch the bandages at all until I saw him in 10 days time, and to keep the binder in place as much as possible (I'm struggling to figure out how to keep clean without harming bandages - awkward placement!) so I'm basically only taking the binder off to readjust once a day it when it gets too uncomfortable. I have a quick look over the bandages - there's no new blood or anything - so I'm assuming that and the fact I'm walking around means I'm doing OK.

But how much checking up did you do immediately post-op? How did you check? Any advice about being less paranoid here?
15th-Oct-2012 05:40 pm - name change questions
when i change my name by deed poll, do i need to change my passport straight away? can i legally travel with my passport even when i change my name? is there a time limit for how long i can do that? it's always difficult for me to judge when will be a good time to be without a passport as i constantly need it. i do need to get my name changed though to sort things out at work...

also will i need to change my passport before I can apply for UK driving license with my new name, or can I send the DVLA a foreign driving license plus proof of name change via deed poll and get a UK driving license with a new name?
10th-Oct-2012 10:25 am - Wilson D'Souza?
Door sign
Does anyone have a phone number for Wilson D'Souza?

I'm in a situation where my GP is refusing to provide any assistance so I'm having to sort a lot on my own. I'm in email correspondence with Mr Yelland's secretary over surgery, and trying to find out the situation with funding. She's just asked me to contact him, saying he's with the "Southampton City Contracting Directorate" but putting that into Google gets me "No results found".

It seems like half of this is knowing who to contact, but it's a little frustrating not even knowing where to start!
21st-May-2012 03:54 pm(no subject)
Hi everyone,

I have a trans male friend who's uncertain whether it's even an option to get a scrotoplasty without a vaginectomy. I said I'd ask on here for him to see if anyone has any experience/advice on whether this is possible/who to ask.

(crossposted to transgender)
Zoe who writes on the complicity blog has pointed out some blatant transphobia on womens hour yesterday

"The interview was littered with the interviewer committing the usual crime of referring to Chloë as playing “a transsexual” instead of “a transsexual woman” or “a trans woman”. (Chloë did not make this mistake once)"

"Later the interviewer refers to an earlier role of Chloë’s, in Boys Don’t Cry as the girlfriend of a trans man. The interviewer describes Brandon Teena as “a female-to-male not quite transsexual but crossdresser” which is pretty inaccurate."

I for one will be making a complaint to the BBC about this blatant abuse and I hope i won't be the only one
29th-Apr-2012 12:48 am - Refferals?
Hey there!

So recently I went to my GP to tell him I believe I am suffering from Gender Dysphoria. My GP told me that he wasn't sure where he had to refer me to, but he would look it up anyways.

Because my GP said he wasn't sure, I decided to do some research myself. I found out that the NHS have specialized Gender Identity Clinics. Now I know there are at least two (One in London and the other in Leeds) so I was wondering, what are peoples personal experiences with either of the two clinics like? I read some negative stuff about leeds but have not seen anything about the London one. I am also curious as to whether or not I would be able to tell my GP I would prefer one over the other. Information on these things seems pretty scarce so help would be much appreciated!
GI logo

Gendered Intelligence
 are currently running an art project in partnership with the Science Museum, around the ideas of technology and identity. We will look at exhibitions to inspire us before having a go at making our own artwork based on these themes. We have already held two sessions with great success and are running numerous others before holding an exhibition of our work in June. The events are open to trans young people aged 13-25 and we pay full travel expenses. We have limited places on all sessions so places must be booked - get in contact promptly to avoid disappointment. We have fewer trans girls involved at present so please get in touch if you are a trans girl and interested in the project - we'd love to have you along.

Our two upcoming events are:

Wednesday 25th April - Tour of the Science Museum (London) - 6-8PM

We'll be looking round all of the exhibits to try and get some ideas for the work we might produce. Check here for the full list of galleries and exhbitions currently on: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum/galleries.aspx 
Light refreshments / drinks will be provided. The Science Museum is near South Kensington station on the Piccadilly / District line. We'll meet just before 6 at the Information Point.

Thursday 3rd of May - Brain Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection (London) 6-8PM

There's a really cool exhibition on brains at the Wellcome Collection (http://www.wellcomecollection.org/) which we think will be a great opportunity to think about the science behind our identities, and how changes in the brain might affect us. The Wellcome Collection is near Euston station on the Northern/Victoria lines. We'll meet just before 6 at the main reception area.

Following those two events, we will have a number of Saturday afternoon sessions which will involve making some artwork (individually or in groups, and can be any form you like, from painting to film to creative writing etc). Participants should have attended at least one of our previous exhibition visits in order to attend these art workshop sessions, but we may be able to make some exceptions depending on capacity. We will then have our own exhibition of work in June.

All events are a great opportunity to socialise and meet other young trans people, as well as taking part in interesting / fun activities!

You need to book a (free) place to attend these events. To book, or get more information, please email admin@genderedintelligence.co.uk.

Check out our website , follow us on tumblr, add us on twitter, or like us on facebook to keep up with what we're doing.
Hi everyone,

I am in my final term at Central Saint Martins doing Fine Art, and I am looking for volunteers to interview about their current treatment programme. I am looking to record individual's experiences with regards to the types of medication, the dosage and routine, and results of their transgender treatment. This is an audio element in my degree show piece, and therefore will be comepletely anonymous! I have set up a skype account, off which I intend to record the interviews. This is an open call to everyone in the transgender community for your help and participation in this exciting project. If you feel you would be happy to help, please contact me through here with any questions you might have, or add me on skype:" trans.treatment.art.csm "

Thankyou so much for your time and I look forward to speaking to you soon,

Kind Regards,

13th-Apr-2012 09:37 pm - Self medding mtfs?

Hi everyone,
I'm quite probably going to start self medicating in the near future. I know this is frowned upon but it's kind of life or death for me right now. I'm very obsessive and doing a lot of reading, so I know the risks and so on. I am in the NHS pathway but it's taking a ridiculous amount of time. Anyway, justifications aside, I was just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share of self medicating, especially from an MTF perspective. Also if anyone has any experience with combining diy mones with the "legit" gender clinic.

(If it's not cool to discuss this here feel free to delete this, I understand. By the same token, it's unlikely that I will be convinced that this is a bad idea compared to another 2 years+ of agony, so I'm not really looking for that.)

6th-Feb-2012 07:50 pm - Leeds GIC woe
Hey everybuddy, 
I'm pretty confused by Leeds GIC and I was hoping someone might know what's going on. I first went in to the GP in summer of 2011 to start treatment, saw the psych nurse, had the physical exam and had the brutal blood test, got a letter on November 2nd saying they had received my referral and I was on the list, along with the leaflets explaining what the GIC can and cant do. So I was aiming for March as a date for actually seeing the GIC.
The other day I got a letter saying that "in order for it to be considered a full referral" they would need an up to date blood test, physical exam and green light from another GP, who is not the one I have discussed gender stuff with, but is one I've dealt with for other health problems. This letter was not addressed to me, but was a copy of what my GP had been sent.
Will this just be a case of getting him to ok everything and I can carry on 12 weeks into the 18 week waiting list, or was everything else nonsense and the waiting list hasn't even started yet and I have to give them more blood and let them look between my legs all over again? Anyone had this happen to them? Could it be because this specific GP has dealt with my mental health issues? It could be nothing or it could be a massive deal.
Any help/advice would be massively appreeshed. I'll be booking an appointment with the doctor concerned ASAP this week.
Daria x
21st-Jan-2012 10:49 pm - First Step

I've requested referral to the Charing Cross clinic for the first time from my GP (or as I would have liked to know a year ago when I did first tell her - via my Community Mental Health Team). I'm really happy things are finally ticking along and she's been very good. Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice for when I do meet the CMHT for the first time, and maybe knows how long I'll have to wait, having seen how strategic this process seems to be played. I should also point out that I have a history of mental illness so I'm wary of how to tackle that one and duly welcome any advice or experience anyone has with that. Thank you.

28th-Dec-2011 12:49 pm - Trans-friendly GPs in Cambridge
Hi everyone,

I'm shortly going to be moving to Cambridge from Manchester for work, and I was wondering if anyone who knows the area can recommend a trans-friendly GP. I'm a trans guy, been on T since July 2010, and need a cooperative GP who will prescribe me T on the say-so of Leeds GIC. I'm also going to have to start again with the process of applying to the PCT for top surgery funding (yeah... Manchester PCT have basically been ignoring my case for about a year), so if anyone has any tips or any advice on what Cambridgeshire PCT are like in that regard, that would be really helpful.

Thanks folks :)
Time and Date: 3:45 pm, Thursday, 1 December

Meet in front of the Nandos by Notting Hill Gate Tube station to walk to the Russian Embassy
6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QP

Map: http://g.co/maps/d5tfr

The city of St Petersburg has passed a law which puts in place fines for people who promote the LGBT community to minors.

The new law passed by 27 votes to 1, having been introduced by the ruling United Russia party.

It introduces fines for “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, to minors” and “propaganda of paedophilia”.

Fines range from 1,000 roubles (£20) for an individual to 50,000 (£1,000) for a business.

Polina Savchenko, General manager of LGBT organization Coming Out, Russia told LGBT Asylum News while the bill was being discussed: “By combining homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality into one law with sexual crimes against minors, members of the Legislative Assembly indulge in gross manipulations of public opinion.

“Their goal – to pass an anti-democratic law, directed at severely limiting human rights in St. Petersburg.

She added: “Organizers of public events cannot restrict access of minors to any open area; people under 18 can be there just by chance. Consequently, it makes any public campaigns aimed at reducing xenophobia and hate crime prevention impossible.”


I know that lj is popular with Russians, so if somebody here could translate this / pass it along to the Russian LBT expat community, that would be fantastic.
22nd-Aug-2011 03:09 pm - Underworks binders in the UK
danger mouse
I've had a look through the tags, and haven't seen this posted before. Underworks binders are now available on Amazon.co.uk. Price works out at only a couple of quid more than ordering from the USA, which is worth it in my opinion for the speed of delivery (and returns if needed) and cutting out on the whole customs thing.

Underworks store on Amazon UK

Annoyingly, they don't actually have the same codes/names. This one is the double-front compression vest. Can confirm having ordered it, and the sticker under the UK one gives the usual US details.

Double-front compression vest

(Crossposted to ftm)
9th-Aug-2011 12:15 pm - Tim Terry
It seems the rumour is true. He's not performing surgery (on trans women) any more. That came from Sheffield GIC.

What I also heard was that his hospital beds and nursing support were taken away, so he quit. But that's multiple-hand rumour.

Either way... significantly longer wait for trans women on the NHS, and (at a guess) slightly longer waits privately as anyone that can avoids the queue.

19th-May-2011 07:48 pm - Top Surgery
little tranny boy
 Hey all,

I'm going through Charing Cross for my transition. I started hormones just after my second appointment (after I'd seen the endo as well), so within four months of my first appointment.

My third appointment is next week, and I was wondering what to expect. I'd really like to get top surgery over and done with. Am I likely to get a referral after third appointment, or is that after fourth or so? I've been living full time as male for several years now, so I've met the time criteria.
19th-Apr-2011 08:50 pm - My new FTM YOUTUBE Channel!

im ryan, and im ftm! yah

i just wanted to post about my new youtube channel, where im trying to set up a place for people to talk about ftm everyday issues. Ive set up a few videos already and am open to ideas to make new videos. one of the more important reasons for doing this was because i felt that the lgbt community has a way of excluding queer people of color, and being hispanic myself, i identify with this feeling. i havent seen much out there based on these issues and thought maybe this could be a place for some of that to be spoken about.

well heres the channel check it out!

The UK Transgender Community welcomes all people on the transgender spectrum, plus friends, relatives and allies.