aimee (sermoa) wrote in tguk,

Crossdressing documentary on Channel 4 tonight

Why Men Wear Frocks
9:00pm - 10:00pm
Channel 4
VIDEO Plus+: 3577

Any lingering prejudice you might have against men who enjoy dressing as women should be gently removed by this documentary. Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry has been a "tranny" since he was 15, but still isn't quite sure what the attraction of cross-dressing is. So he goes on a journey of discovery, starting with Scarborough's transvestite convention, the Harmony Weekend. Perry's a sensitive man with an impish intelligence and plenty to say on society's narrow view of masculinity, even demonstrating parallels between transvestites and leather-clad bikers (dressing to impress other men; wearing costumes made of unfamiliar material; risking personal injury). It's a thorough look at a complex subject.

The trailers I've seen so far look quite interesting, so I'm keen to see what they make of this tonight. I also found some information on Grayson Perry.
Tags: cross dressing, media, television programmes
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